PHP Storm, loving it

I used to use Dreamweaver 5.5, as noted in previous posts. Despite it’s merits, it’s really nothing compared with PHP Storm by JetBrains.

Why is it better?

  • More settings
  • Better interface
  • Better code hints & debugging
  • Zen Coding
  • Multiple cursors
  • More customisation
  • And then some…

But what about…

  • FTP? Yes it has it, and has more options, plus is robust with shortcuts
  • the WYSIWYG? Doesn’t have that, but it make you a better coder not using it. To make it easier, it does a GREAT job formatting the source code so you can easily navigate around the tags.
  • the price? Its cheaper than DW, and doesn’t require ongoing monthly payments!

If you are serious about quality code, and in particular PHP, worth a look

But why not use sublime?

I’m sure I could, but it’s FTP was a bit lacking, and it felt a lot like plugins holding hands. PHP Storm is more of a complete package out of the box.

I have no problem with Sublime, its a matter of taste.