Laravel Development

Why you should be using Laravel

So I have joined the Laravel band wagon, and it couldn't have come a moment sooner. I wouldn't want to be in a position where I had to depend on my own CMS or even worse - WordPress!

Don't get me wrong, WordPress is a good system. But it's popularity and security issues are the thorn in it's side. In the end, it's really a Blog, not a generic website template for all industries. It does try hard to prevent hackers and exploits, but it can't be easy with so many independent plugins and millions of people scrutinizing it.

As a developer I am in a position where I recommend solutions to people, and it's not often that Laravel is "required". But as time goes by and Laravel become more familiar, I can't imagine using WordPress instead.

When I compare it to WordPress, I can safely say this about a Laravel website:

  • Your website is far less likely to be hacked
  • Your website will be way more lightweight - look how fast my website is going
  • You will not have 50+ scripts and styles
  • You will have proper email delivery
  • Your interface will be easier to use
  • Your client will be happier