jQuery CSV XLS import interactive tool

Note: This tool isn't availalbe for everyone, only inside my projects using my CMS. For a similar tool, i recommend Ultimate DB import/export (CSV-XLS(x)-XML-MySQL)

As some readers may know, I own and run myIndustryCms.com.au. From time to time I make updates and improvements to keep up with client requests and my own standards of usability.

For a long time I haven’t been satisfied with the standard CSV export because it was so prone to breaking from some innocent but deadly content. Importing a CSV is just as deadly with a degree of trial and error. There was a bunch of rules you had to follow, and I don’t think any client should have to put up with that.

So I decided to nut out my own proper way to import export data. It had to be friendly, validated, and client proof. So I think I have achieved something like it. The end result is something comparable to the MailChimp and Campaign Monitor upload & import tool.

A lot of its success is due to PHPExcel, thanks Pete for putting me onto it! There is no substitute. It is heavy and perhaps bloated, but it’s been incredibly robust so far.


  • Integration of the PHPExcel library
  • Export XLS
  • Import CSV, XLS, XLSX files! – Yes, even XLSX, the newest spreadsheet format. We have broken the CSV barrier with PHP
  • jQuery animation integration with loader
  • The file contents can have anything, in any order
  • I added a button to help detect what the column the data belongs too
  • Fully validated
  • Option to skip or keep first row
  • Option to ignore a column
  • Option to overwrite
  • Option to delete everything and upload

This system is strictly for use with myIndustyrCms, and can’t be used as a standalone plugin. I wish! Perhaps in the future when I have no work to do, and if a good one doesn’t already exist, I will put something together for everyone else to enjoy freely.