Froala VS Tiny MCE

I have left Tiny MCE for Froala. It was a no brainer

Ever now and then it's good to check out alternatives to what you currently use, so i did some shopping around. I stumbled across Froala and was immediately impressed

So far i haven't paid for TINY MCE or any other editor, but i was willing to make an exception with Froala.

At the end of the day, it was the ease of use that sold me. Most of the time, it isn't me using the tool, it's my customers. And they are the ones that need to find it easy.

Why im tired of Tiny MCE

  • It's sometimes buggy
  • It's fairly big and bloated
  • It's too customisable - there is such a thing, read previous point
  • It's hard to customise when you need to
  • Inserting images and files is a headache

Why Froala is better

  • It is more responsive
  • It's light weight
  • It's easier to use

There are actually a lot out there, here are a hand full of aclaimed ones.