Second hand bikes

Recently I felt the need to improve my fitness, since all I do is sit at my computer and twiddle my fingers. So I purchased myself a bike from a very knowledgeable local and it’s a beaut!Are you in the Mid North Coast or Forster a... more

jQuery CSV XLS import interactive tool

Note: This tool isn't availalbe for everyone, only inside my projects using my CMS. For a similar tool, i recommend Ultimate DB import/export (CSV-XLS(x)-XML-MySQL)As some readers may know, I own and run From time to t... more

Laravel Development

Why you should be using LaravelSo I have joined the Laravel band wagon, and it couldn't have come a moment sooner. I wouldn't want to be in a position where I had to depend on my own CMS or even worse - WordPress!Don't get me wrong, WordPress is... more

Amazon & GoodSync Project Backups

There are heaps of backup solutions out there, some are based on-line, some are in your office. So as a deb developer, what’s the best solution?When I deal with lots of website projects, there are a broad range of files I deal with, from large Photos... more

PHP 7 instant speed boost

It took me a while to notice the arrival of PHP 7, i don't recall ever seeing PHP 6 on offer in cPanel?Just a heads up to anyone reading this that doesn't concern themselves with things like which version of PHP to use, if you select #7, you should n... more